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Is Financial Support Available?

KidSport provides grants to children from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs.
Click HERE for the KidSport application form. (PDF)

Jumpstart provides grants to children from families facing financial barriers so they can participate in registered sport programs.
For information on JumpStart and the application form, please click HERE.

​What is CMSA?
The following is from their website CMSA:MANAGING YOUTH SOCCER IN CALGARY

The Calgary Minor Soccer Association (CMSA) is a registered not-for-profit organization representing over 20,000 youth soccer players within the City of Calgary.

  • We are the largest youth sports organization in Western Canada.
  • We operate outdoor and indoor soccer programs involving over 1,400 teams.
  • We organize soccer tournaments and regular league play as well as host intercity, city and provincial finals.
  • We develop and deliver coach and player training programs focused at youth.
  • Our programs are equal opportunity with about 55% male and 45% female participation and ages ranging from 4 to age 18.
  • Canadian Soccer is a growth industry, enjoying significant growth playing the world’s most popular game.

CMSA produces the game schedule and rules of play, as follows:
In indoor, for all teams except U6 and U8 recreational.
In outdoor, for all teams U12 to U18 girls and boys in addition to the U10 CMSA teams and U8 Competitive.

What is SWL?

The South West League is an inter community league for U10 soccer in Calgary. The league is organized and managed by representatives from the participating communities of Signal Hill, Glamorgan, Calglen, Scarboro, West Springs-Cougar Ridge and TriWest representing upwards of 700 U10 age players. The league was setup to provide consistent days of play, limit travel, and focus primarily on fun and player development.

The South West League has been created with multiple divisions of play and allows the U10 age players to play on teams with others at a similar skill level. With the participating communities all within the same geographical area of south west Calgary, the travel for the parents and players is limited. League games are scheduled from late April to late June on a Monday/Wednesday for the girls and a Tuesday/Thursday for the boys. There is a 1 day fun tournament on a Saturday in June that all the teams participate in.

What is House League

For outdoor, all players in U8 will play in a house league. This is organized by volunteers within the Signal Hill Soccer organization.

I have a U10 age player, will he/she play in CMSA or SWL?

In outdoor, we will hold evaluations for all players, U8 CMSA and above. At U10, the evaluations will determine which players play on SWL teams and which players will play on CMSA teams.

In indoor, evaluations are held for U8 to U18 players. Players are placed on teams with players of similar abilities, except U8 where we select balanced teams.

What age group should I register my player as?

Age brackets are determined by the year of birth of a player. Age group brackets are based on even years. Therefore a player that is playing in the U10 age bracket may be either 10 (if born at the beginning of the year), 9 or 8 (if born at the end of the year).

Will the club fund our tournament entry?

WHUSC will pay half of one tournament entry fee each season; once indoor and once outdoor. Travel, accommodation, food and other costs are the responsibility of the team. To claim half of the entry fee the receipt must be submitted toChantelle Carley at  In addition, a photograph of the team and a short report on how they performed must also be submitted electronically within 7 days of the tournament.

Is there a limit on the number of tournaments a team can enter?

No, but the team are responsible for all costs.

Where can I find a list of tournaments?

A list of sanctioned tournaments in Alberta can be found on the ASA site at: Alberta Soccer Tournaments.

What level should I enter my team at a tournament?

Normally we advise you enter the Tier you are currently playing in. If you are excelling at your current Tier you could consider playing up a Tier. If in doubt please seek assistance from our Technical Director at

Are there any travel restrictions for tournaments?

There are no travel restrictions on which tournaments a team may enter. However, if a team travels outside of Alberta for a tournament, they must obtain a travel permit. Given the current state of the Canadian dollar, we encourage teams to find tournaments in Canada first. For details, see Alberta Soccer Travel Policy.

A game was cancelled due to the weather. What should I do?

If it’s a CMSA game and you are the home team you should contact the opponents with some options. Games take precedence over practice so you can bump a team once your opponents have agreed to the reschedule date. See CMSA’s rescheduling policy for further details. If it’s a SWL league game you can try to reschedule, but being a recreational league it is less imperative.

I have rescheduled a game but need a referee?

Email and provide details of team age group, time/date of rescheduled game and field location.

Can we play in the rain?

If the fields are officially open and the referee deems the field safe and playable then you may play. However, the safety of the players, spectators, coaches and other officials is paramount so if the conditions deteriorate then due consideration should be given to cancelling the game. Also, under no circumstances should a game be played if there is lightning in the area.

Can we practice in the rain?

If the fields are officially open then you may play. However, if conditions have changed recently and there is either an increased risk of injury to players or damage to the field, then practice should be cancelled. A child sliding or falling awkwardly could pull a muscle or worst, and the damage to the field could be long lasting and to the detriment and safety of other teams.

How do I book a field for outdoor practice?

Your Team Manager is responsible for reserving a practice field and will receive instructions from their age group coordinator.

Attendance at our practices and games is poor. What should I do?

It’s important you start the season by having a parents meeting. The Coach should set his expectations regarding attendance and timeliness. We want this to be fun, but if attendance is poor then it will quickly stop being fun. Coaches are volunteers so the least they should expect from parents and children is commitment and honesty. If parents know they have issues they should state so immediately. In some cases we can rebalance teams to avoid situations where a team is always left short-handed on game day. It’s easier to do this up front than half way through the season.

I’m new to coaching, who can help me?

We offer a coaches clinic at the start of every season to which you will receive an invite from your Age Group Coordinator / Team Manager.

You also have access to experienced coaches and youth coaches who can provide guidance for either practice and/or games. If you need help email our Technical Director at

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